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Frustrated with losing internet connection?

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Consider following scenarios

You are watching an interesting YouTube video on your iPhone while commuting to work in a train and the network gets disrupted and you can’t watch the video. You get frustrated.

QA Engineer is on production shop floor capturing  Gear outer and inner diameter parameters for SPC analysis and trying to save it  but loses internet connection and loses data.

Money saving experts team wants to capture the feedback of utility providers from consumers and they  are in some local area in London and while  filling the on-line form their internet connection is lost.

Above scenarios sounds familiar?

This is the limitation of typical web based applications as they need internet connection to serve the application seamlessly.

But don’t worry!   Now with HTML5, it is  possible to develop off-line web applications which will continue to work seamlessly in the event of loss of internet connection. This is possible because of the Application Cache and Web Storage features of HTML5.

We have developed sample Task Tracker application by leveraging above mentioned features of HTML5 so that you can capture data both on-line and off-line and sync it with back-end database once internet connection is restored.

Please  Read this  article which will walk you through how to achieve this step by step.

I hope you will like it.

If you are interested in building sophisticated web solutions which can work both off-line and on-line then please get in touch for free consultation with our expert team here

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