Improving Customer and User Experience in the Hospitality Industry

Use of cloud based systems in place of POS terminals can ensure better customer and user experience for businesses in the hospitality industry.

When it comes to hospitality, user experience is the key to success. With conventional Point Of Sale (POS) Terminal  and other conventional methods there is always a lot of manual work involved and its up to individuals to take care of customers and do their best to take care of customer needs and ensure that they are served efficiently and looked after.

 With the advent of technology and growth in Cloud based systems and better internet speeds and responsive web solutions, it is now possible to provide better user experience and seamless processing of customer orders.

 I am going to explain how our ERP-Restaurant  system improves customer user experience through integration with VOIP phone systems to improve customer user experience to serve repeat customers more efficiently and serve them quicker.

 When a customer calls a Restaurant to order a food if he or she is a repeat customer, his or her past orders pop up on a POS terminal and the salesperson can quickly check if  the customer wants to order any items from his or her previous orders (Like favourite menus).

 This way a customer can just quickly confirm and finish his order or can order a new menu item. Also since all his contact details (such as delivery address and contact phone) are saved in the system he doesn’t need to repeat it.

 This saves a lot of time on both sides and improves customer user experience.

The architecture of our ERP- Restaurant is shown below.


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