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Keeping a schedule, ensuring product quality - XSai helps you with crucial details without missing the bigger picture,

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Keeping schedule, ensuring product quality - XSai helps you with crucial details without missing the bigger picture

Android Native Apps

* Reach vast base of mainstream customers that Android brings

  • * Develop high performance native android apps with engaging UI and UX  experience.
  • * Delight your customers with apps that provide enhanced user experiences, offline capabilities, push notifications, cloud support and more

iOS Native Apps

  • * The advantage of the premium hosting on an Apple platform
  • * Rich UI  and UX that meet the exacting guidelines by Apple.
  • * Uncompromising secure apps  with the powerful Objective-C, enhance with third party controls.

Cross Platform Apps

* Faster Development: Share UI and code base for easier maintenance with Xamarin.Forms

* Richer Visuals: Xamarin offers rich set of controls, Tap in to third-party controls from likes of SyncFusion.

* Rapid Prototyping:  Great for early validations and proof of concept

App Development

XSai is a mobile app development company. We provide end-to-end services to help you turn your idea into a successful mobile product.

We help your products fully exploit  eco-system provided by Android and iOS.


Whether it is Android‘s mainstream base  or the iOSpremium or best of both Cross Platform  –   we develop secure, business-centric mobile solutions that extend your services right into the palm of your potential customer.

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R & D and Consulting

We learns your business needs to help you reduce technical and market risks across the entire software development life cycle.

  • * Validate your concept
  • * Understand growth needs and ensure scalability
  • * Choose the right technology and suggest a cost effective development plan

Client & Server Side Development

Translate your business requirements into a visually rich, robust  application.

  • * A robust , scalable architecture to accommodate future growth
  • * A UI  and UX matched to design with consistency
  • * Security features to protect business and customer data and privacy

Consistent QA Processes

We involve our QA team right from the beginning so that features rolled out are robust and the software consistent across all browsers and form factors.

  • * Strong verification and validations processes
  • * Comprehensive testing, so no late surprises
  • * Reduced customer feedback loop

Custom Web Applications

XSai has created robust custom web applications using the latest Microsoft web technologies and development philosophies.

We specialize in design, development and delivery of Web Solutions at enterprise level using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET and MVC 5 design patterns.

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  • * Requirement assessment, investments and ROI
  • * Technology evaluation
  • * Solution design, Rollout plan and more

Data Integration & Migration Services

  • * Design and build Enterprise level OLAP Data Warehouses, Data Marts
  • * Industry standard Data Modelling and ETL practices
  • * Work with Multiple data sources – ERP, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server

Data Visulization

  • * Deploy industry standard tools to discover business trends through multi-dimensional data analyses
  • * Present Reports, Dashboards and Drill Down Reports as your business demands.
  • * Expertise in Microsoft BI tools – Integration Services (SSIS),  Analytical Services (SSAS) and SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

BI & Data Warehousing

The online businesses run 24x7x365 and business comes from all over a geography. How do you organize this ever-growing data and make sense out of it.

XSai has significant expertise dealing with Big Data to help you gain insights that lead to better decisions, operational efficiency and strategic business moves.

We specialize in Microsoft BI, DW tools and technology.

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Database Consulting

  • * Business Problem Framing
  • * Requirements Definition
  • * Database Architecture and Design

Planning & Implementation

  • * Platform Planning and Implementation
  • * Performance Optimization

Upgrades & Migrations

  • * Database Systems Upgrades
  • * Data Migrations
  • * ETL Development

Database Services

A database is at the core of a robust business application. Your application performance is critically dependent upon database performance and security.
XSai offers wide range of database services- database development, database optimization / performance tuning, database upgrades, migrations and more

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Test Planning

We use a well-defined proven software testing life cycle.

  • * Comprehensive test planning
  • * Selecting right software tools
  • * Setting up environment and the test data

Testing Exceution

  • *  Test execution with comprehensive test plans and data
  • * Transferring testing deliverable
  • * Reviewing and sharing test results with client

Quality Assurance

  • * Wide test coverage with extensive test cases and checklists
  • * Effective and prompt communication of test results to development teams
  • * Transparent view in to  testing activities through regular updates and meetings

Testing Services

XSai offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. Our Testing Services are built on strong understanding of technologies and domain expertise.

A ‘quality ownership’ mindset and strong testing tools skills  helps us deliver quality you can trust.

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Why Hire Us?

Our value-add mobile services approach is designed to help you reach to your customer with a solid app and fast. We pride ourselves on our process transparency, faster turnaround time, and quality assurance — all through

enterprise resource planning system

More Business Value

We are receptive to ideas and concepts. Our team of experts go extra mile to grasp your idea and turn into a reality. Our size and approach make us better positioned to work with startups, small and medium sized companies.
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Great UX and UI Experience

We want your mobile app to stand out, reflect your brand and provide engaging and seamless experience. We follow all latest mobile app guidelines from Apple and Google to build designs that are intuitive and a pleasure to use.
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Transparent process

Our software process is incomplete without a customer role. Your feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of your mobile solution. Our Agile and Iterative and incremental development process aims at a functional deliverable which can be validated by customer.
Our team uses daily/weekly reports and calls to address your ideas and concerns.
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Our teams follow Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) which embodies a culture of quality ownership, a set of operating principles, and collection of practices.
This enables our development teams to deliver code changes frequently and reliably, each a functional deliverable for customer feedback.
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IPR Protection

We greatly value your intellectual property rights and understand your concerns about your IPs. With us your ideas stay yours. We sign a comprehensive NDA from day one to secure your exclusive ownership of the code base and other deliverables.


Backed by an amazing
support team 

Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product

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erp solutions - Xsai Consulting
erp solutions - Xsai Consulting
erp solutions - Xsai Consulting
ERP Distribution - Xsai Consulting
ERP Distribution - Xsai Consulting
ERP Distribution - Xsai Consulting

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