Data Integration

We can handle all your Data integration requirements and help you with Data Migration and Data Reconciliation by providing AI-Based Advanced Data Analytics Services.

We can streamline your data integration processXsai Consulting provides data integration services in UK. We support all popular data Integration Pipelines Infor ION/Mulesoft/Microsoft SSIS.

A common problem with most businesses is that their business data, be it financial data or inventory or any other business critical data, is scattered across multiple discrete applications and the data is in various formats.

Consolidating this data and then reporting on it is very time consuming and is done by using significant manual efforts.

Finance teams spend time every month to complete their month end processes resulting in too many additional hours to complete their month end processes in time.

Our integration experts can help you automate and streamline your business processes using ai-based advanced data analytics services which can suit your business requirements.

Data Capture

We can help you bring data from various sources such as your ERP system, databases or Excel or text files. Also we support different data formats such as CSV, XML, JSON. We can also bring data from external feed or external REST API.

Data Cleansing & ETL

We can process your raw data and then clean it  and transform the data in suitable format to suit your Data warehouse data model.

Document and Workflow

We can help you to setup document flow and workflow using popular integration pipe lines such as Infor ION or Mulesoft and Microsoft SSIS.

Automate Data Load Process

We can help automate your data load process and can schedule the data load process for overnight execution or for any other frequency or provide an easy to use UI to load the data on demand.

Data Migration & Reconciliation

We can help with all your data migration needs. We can understand your requirements and come up with a suitable data migration strategy. If you are upgrading to a newer version of your product, our consultants can help you with a seamless migration of your data and also reconciliation of data after migration.

Dedicated technical support

Our support team is always available to address all your technical queries and to resolve any issues you face with data integration. Our team is available 24×7.

What we offer?We can help integrate your various systems such as EAM, ERP, Inventory and Finance.

We offer consultancy services for all your integration requirements. We can integrate all your Infor ERP, EAM or Infor Financial applications or any third party ERP such as SAP, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards or Microsoft CRM or now popularly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft d365.

Whether your data is on premise or  distributed across the cloud our team can help you to bring it together by integrating with  your discrete systems.

We offer design / implementation or support for your integration requirements using popular integration pipe lines such as Infor ION, Mulesoft or using Microsoft SSIS and SSAS.

We can automate all your data load requirements and to bring data from various data sources such as files in different formats such as CSV, text,  JSON or XML.

We can also help you to integrate with third party web services or REST API.

ExpertiseBringing data from discrete and different sources
Bringing data from discrete and different sources is a very difficult task. But we can help you integrate data from different sources and clean and transform it to provide a consolidated view of data.
Our Areas of Expertise
  • Integration of major ERP/Financial applications.
  • Support for integration with Cosmos DB.
  • Support for integration with Infor Datalake or any Cloud data sources such AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Integration with Infor ION API,  third party WEB-API  or  Rest or SOA web services
  • Integrate with  Infor Datalake  or any Cloud data sources such AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Integrate with Infor ION API, third party WEB-API or Rest or SOA web services.
Tech stack used for Data Integration
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Microsot SSAS
  • Infor ION
  • Mulesoft
Business Analysis, Business Automation Expert

Why us?Extensive industry-specific knowledge alongside their technical skills.

Our consultants are experienced and proficient enough to handle all your data integration needs. As we support all powerful data integration tools such as Microsoft SSIS, Infor ION and Mulesoft, please get in touch with us and our consultant can schedule a call with you to understand your requirements and come up with a suitable recommendation.

Planning,budgeting and forecasting. Business Intelligence Services

We can help you with end to end BI solution as per your requirements using Microsoft Power BI.

Dynamic & Powerful Excel TemplatesExcel Based Consultancy

We specialise in designing dynamic Excel templates using VSTO.NET using C#

Enterprise Web ApplicationsCustom Web Development

We can design and develop responsive custom web applications using ASP.NET MVC Core and Mobile App for Android and iOS platform.

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