Online ROTA System For Volunteer

The Felix Project

Felix is one of the leading food charities within London. It helps underprivileged communities by delivering surplus food to charities who provide meals and food parcels to the most vulnerable people. The association with Felix commenced last year and since then we have developed an online ROTA system to help their volunteers book delivery and warehouse shifts up to six weeks in advance. Felix’s West London depot runs approximately 20 daily shifts for their volunteers. Keeping track of bookings and cancellations is an important part of their day to day operations.

The Felix Project’s CEO Hilary Croft says of the new system “The online ROTA system has made a huge difference to our ability to plan and schedule activities, as well as saving time by replacing laborious excel-based processes. The volunteers adopted the system easily and are now empowered to manage their own shifts. Xsai consulting team was very helpful and supportive in designing a system that the volunteers would be happy to use but that also delivered efficiencies to the operation.”

The Online ROTA system is highly secure and a user friendly application easy to use application, it is developed using the latest Microsoft technology in .NET , ASP.NET, MVC and C# with a cloud hosted SQL-Server back-end database.

The UI design is simple and intuitive simplifying the booking process and saving time. A dashboard is also provided with reporting capabilities to track shift fulfilment and volunteer engagement.

Technology:ASP.NET MVC 5, C#,SQL-Server 2012

SwimAnalyzer Lite App on Android and iPhone

SwimAnalyzer Lite takes the Race Analysis function of the original SwimAnayzer app and distills it down to the essential components – filming, instant video replay, and split times with a graphic display.

And the best part, SwimAnalyzer Lite is specifically built for Smartphones for those who really care about monitoring their progress. The research and development of this application had athletes, coaches and parents at the forefront of our minds.

SwimAnalyzer Lite provides the perfect solution for busy club coaches to monitor their swimmers’ development, whether it’s filming time trials in training or capturing their races at the next session. With quick and simple operating features for video capture, SwimAnalyzer Lite is a handy way to monitor a swimmers’ performance on the go.

And not to mention – great news for all those parents out there, SwimAnalyzer Lite enables you to capture the memories of your child’s races at every session, store them in the cloud, and replay them again whenever and wherever they like.

Technology:Xamarin, C#,SQLite

Point of Sale Solution (BPOS)

Retail Customers

It’s a tablet only application developed to bring ease of doing business. Application will be solution for retail shop and restaurant. Application basically, has two sections, Restaurant and Retail.

In Retail section, operator will scan Barcode of the products selected by customers in their cart using Barcode Scanner and on the basis of Scanned Barcode, application brings Items from SQLite local database and accordingly bill will generate and complete transaction data get stored in SQLite database and at the end of the day, all the data get synced to server.

Customer display of POS also get update as per the selection of items along with total price, Retail section works completely offline while restaurant is working online.

Restaurant section is token based and on submission, order bill will generate and order will get post to KOT (Kitchen). In Kitchen we have, big tab is placed where all the submitted orders from POS and Self Service will get list, on completion of order chef will mark this order as complete and waiter will serve this order by calling Token number.




The Bonus App is a FREE marketing platform which allows businesses across all major categories to list Discount and Buy-1-Get-1 free Coupons!

Users have the opportunity to invite your favourite businesses to join the BONUS community, which will create a permanent income steam coming your way for every Coupon sold!


Website for Blood Donors

Red drop is a website designed for Blood Donors for charitable purpose.It enables registered users to search the Blood Donors database for particular blood group in your local and near by area. User can register using his facebook account. The website is really serving a great role to save life of patients who are in need of a blood group.

The challenge was tight delivery schedule of four weeks. But thanks to Agile development methodology and iterative and incremental development approach. Our customer was engaged with the team during each stage of development and provided them constant feedback based on intermediate milestone to match their requirements. Also due to TDD used during development, developers were not scared to refactor the code as all the code will go thru unit testing to ensure successful build.

Technology:ASP.NET MVC 5, C#,SQL-Server 2012

Plug-in for Gear-Analysis Software

GearSpect, Prague

Plug-in was developed to their existing Gear-Analysis Software to provide configurable digital filters for further smoothening of the lead and profile of the Gear under test and generate report in Graphical and Tabular formats. Use can configure different parameter for filter such as band and also report parameters such as magnification for both X & Y axis.

Technology:.NET framework 4.0,WPF,C#

Gague & Instrument Calibration Software (G-SOFT)

S.M.Engineers Pune

This is our product designed for calibration of Gauge & Instruments and implemented successfully for this customer. We support different modules for Mechanical, Electro-Technical and Thermal. At S.M.Engineers mainly they use our Mechanical (Dimensional). We have configured it to match their requirement such as their certificate formats.

Technology:.NET framework 4.0,WPF,C#,SQL-Server 2012