Robust applications need robust database design

Database Services

A database is at the very core of every business application. Your application performance is critically dependent upon database availability, performance and security.
XSai helps companies get the most from their database environments. We offer a complete range of database services- database development, database optimization / performance tuning, database upgrades, migrations and more.

Our Specific database expertise includes:

  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Business Problem Framing and Requirements Definition
  • Platform Migration, Planning, and Implementation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Database Systems Upgrades and Data Migrations
  • ETL Development

No compromise services

Our services include implementing and maintaining OLTP and decision support systems to databases of varying in sizes.
We migrate large databases from across platforms with minimum downtime.
Our expertise includes migration of different RDBMS to SQL Server on Windows and SQL Server upgrades.
We work seamlessly with you in identifying and understanding the existing problems and bottlenecks, and offer cost-effective solutions to your business requirements.
Our experienced data team has years of experience on different database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle and TERADATA.
Our consultancy team comprises of experienced Architect, Senior Developers and Project managers which closely works with your team to understand your data needs

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