What do we offer?

We offer consultancy services in  design, implementation, upgrade and support of any Excel based application using VBA and/or  Microsoft VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office 365).

Whether you need to maintain and support your legacy Excel application or you want to migrate it to the latest  Microsoft office 365 then our team can help you with it.  

If you want to extend or enhance your Excel application or want to  migrate it  to be more dynamic or want to resolve any performance issues then we can certainly help you in this area.

If you are considering to leverage and  use the advanced features of Microsoft Office 365 automation using VSTO  and want to convert your static Excel template into a dynamic application with  centralised secure database in the back-end either on-premise or in cloud then why not contact us by email or phone?.

How can we help you?

Microsoft Excel or Google Worksheet are most commonly used by  all the Accountants, Finance Administrators and CFOs.  

Also Sales professionals use  Microsoft Excel  for planning,budgeting and forecasting.   They build complex Excel templates with lots of complicated formulas and even use Macros.  The templates used are static and  shared with team members  by email. 

Since templates are static or in some cases maintained by individual team members they are out of sync and employees spend long hours to consolidate data from different excel sheets.

Our expert Excel consultants can help you to support your existing VBA based applications or can help you to convert your static template into sophisticated dynamic Microsoft Excel based application so all your centrally stored in secure back-end database either on-premise or in cloud.

This can enable you  and your colleagues to access their data without worrying about maintaining multiple versions of excel templates.  You can focus on your core business functionality and day to day operations instead of spending time to maintain the static excel template.

Why us?

Our Excel consultants have over the years have designed, implemented and successfully delivered solutions for different businesses and organizations to meet their business requirements or to maintain their legacy Microsoft Excel based VBA Macro  based applications. 

Also our planning, budgeting and forecasting tool  SmartPlanner™ is based on Microsoft Excel and is designed using Microsoft VSTO. 

Its fully configurable and easy to use dynamic template with pre-built templates to suit different industry verticals. For more details please visit our SmartPlanner™ page.

What is our Area of Expertise?

  • We  offer  expertise in following key areas.
    • Design,Implementation and support your legacy Microsoft Excel based applications.
    • Design, Implementation new applications using Microsoft Office Automation using VSTO
    • Custom Dashboards using Microsoft Power Pivot.

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