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    What we offer?

    • Secure web portal and Mobile App.
    • Effective management of All registered Tradesman/Technician/Engineers.
    • Simplified Scheduling.
    • Mobile App to show daily activities based on customer needs.
    • Centralised Document Management.

    How it works?

    • Easy configuration and Setup.
    • Configure all your master data and schedule daily/weekly tasks/activities.
    • Import all your Employee/Vendors/Customers.
    • Assign Roles and Responsibilities
    erp solutions

    Powerful, Yet simple

    Everything has been intentionally designed to include the features want.right where you need them – without being overly complicated.


    Get Setup Quickly

    Configure your master data and setup your users and their security roles. So you are ready to use the system.

    Easy Scheduling

    • Assign tasks to your Tradesman/Engineers/Technicians and schedule their tasks and effectively manage activities for your customers.
    • Optimize resource management through real time resource visibility.
    • Achieve productivity improvement.

    Mobile App for both iOS and Android

    • Easy to use app to know everything about your daily tasks/activities.
    • Technician/Tradesman Daily schedule tasks at their finger tips.
    • Get alerts for reminders for appointment.
    • Take signature from customers after completion of assigned tasks.
    • Works both on-line and offline.

    Purchase & Inventory Management

    • Create Purchase Order.
    • Manage inventory at different Care homes.
    • Generate purchase and inventory reports.

    Why us?

    • Affordable Price.
    • Free Scheduled Upgrades.
    • Upgrades such as patch for VAT were released at no additional cost to customers.
    • Low Implementation Cost.
    • Zero training cost.