What do we offer?

We offer consultancy services for all your integration requirements. We can integrate all your Infor ERP, EAM or Infor Financial applications or any third party ERP such as SAP, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards or Microsoft CRM or now popularly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft d365.

Whether your data is on premise or  distributed across the cloud our team can help you to bring it together by integrating with  your discrete systems.

We offer design/implement or support your integration requirements   using popular integration pipe lines such as Infor ION, Mulesoft or using Microsoft SSIS and SSAS.  

We can automate all your data load requirements and to bring data from various data sources such as files in different formats such as CSV, text,  JSON or XML. 

We can also help you to integrate with third party web services or REST API. 

How can we help you?

One of the common problems with most of the businesses is that their business data, whether its financial data or inventory or  any other business critical data, is scattered across multiple discrete applications and data is  in various formats.   

Consolidating this data  and then reporting on it is very time consuming and is done by using significant manual efforts. 

Finance team spends  every month to complete their month end process resulting in putting extra long hours  to complete their month end process in time.  

So our integration experts can help you to automate and streamline your business processes using integration tools  which can suit your business requirements.

Why us?

Our team is experienced and proficient with popular integration pipelines such as Infor ION, Mulesoft,Microsoft SSIS and Microsoft SSAS. 

So consultants  over the years have delivered solutions to meet different integration challenges for different industries and have built different integration solution templates using  best design practices. This will ensure quicker implementation time and also can help to  automate your data load processes or bringing your data into a central data warehouse.

Data in the central data warehouse will enable the key business stakeholders to get the real time insights into their critical business KPIs.

What is our Area of Expertise?

  • Integrate major ERP/Financial applications applications.
  • Design and Implementation of workflows and document flows using Infor ION
  • Design and Implementation of workflows and document flows using Mulesoft
  • Design and implementation using Microsoft SSIS and/or Microsoft SSAS.
  • Support to integrate various file formats such as CSV, text, JSON or XML.
  • Support to integrate database sources such as Microsoft SQL server, My-SQL
  • Support to integrate database sources such as Oracle or MongoDB 
  • Support to integrate database  No SQL data sources such as Google Firebase.
  • Integrate with  Infor Datalake  or any Cloud data sources such AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Support for both on-premise and cloud implementations.
  • Integrate with Infor ION API,  third party WEB-API  or  Rest or SOA web services.