What do we offer?

We offer consultancy services for end to end Business Intelligence solutions as per business requirements using Microsoft Power BI 

We help you build  custom Dashboards for different key stakeholders such as  CFO,  Financial controller, CEO/CMO/CTO to provide real time insights into your business. This will help you to make meaningful decisions to achieve your business goals and add value to your business.

We can help you to come up with complete BI solutions based on your business needs so that you get real time insights of your business which can help you to take right decisions to increase productivity and profitability of your business.

How can we help you?

We know that a lot of customers struggle to   get clear insights  into their business. This results in making incorrect business decisions based on  perceptions instead of facts which can lead to  miss the target set for individual teams and overall business.

One of the key problems or hurdles to get insights is that business  data is scattered in various  places such as discrete systems,  flat files, and different databases.

Team spent hours and days  to consolidate  the data from all these sources and then report to top management. As in most of the cases it is  manual process it takes significant time and effort and also is error-prone and may not give  clearly what business is looking for.  

Also  we have seen cases where visual dashboards look very professional but they don’t perform or scale  very well to handle varying business requirements.  This is mainly due to the underlying  modelling layer is not properly designed  and very fragile to extend and may cause a lot of regression impact on different dashboards and reports.  

It’s important to remember that the sound and strong foundation of a successful BI solution is  its OLAP data model and it needs to be designed  based on clear understanding of business scope and best practices. Since our consultants have years of experience implementing it for different industry verticals our expert team will ensure   that this is carefully designed and also scalable  and can be extended with minimal regression impact for challenging and constant business requirements.

With our  experienced consultants and with powerful features of Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Pivot we can help you to build customized dashboards on the web and in popular Microsoft Excel. Our web reports and dashboards are responsive and can be accessed any time on any device such as tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

Why us?

Our consultants are experienced and proficient in Microsoft Power BI and DAX  and have successfully designed, implemented and supported various businesses in different industry verticals.

Also  our consultants have over the years have formed best design practices  and  different solution templates for each industry vertical.

What is our Area of Expertise?

  • Design of BI Solutions using both on-premise and Cloud environments.
  • New design and implementation using Microsoft Power BI
  • Design a suitable model to get key insights from your business.
  • Performance tuning  and rule optimization
  • Automate Data Load Process
  • Variance Analysis and Year on Year comparison of key KPIs.
  •  Design/Support  to build reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.
  •  Smart Planning and Forecasting using our Smart Planner.
  • Advanced BI Analytics using AI & Machine learning techniques.
  • Full technical support for DAX in Microsoft Power BI