Looking for Planning Solution?

Smart Planner is our user friendly and easy to use SaaS based product for all your planning, budgeting and forecasting needs. It comes with familiar Excel based front-end and simplifies data entry. Data entry is simplified because of powerful background spreading engine which enables top-down spreading and bottom up spreading.

Access any time and anywhere

Smart Planner comes with centralised backend database hosted in Cloud. So you and your team can access your forecast and budget anytime and anywhere. This is a huge benefit in contrast to conventional static excel template which requires several copies of excel to be maintained and also sharing of the data between team members, becomes laborious and almost impossible.

Powerful dashboards providing insight

Smart Planner also offers you with powerful dashboards so you can track your forecast v/s actual against key KPIs. You can then use this information to re-align your business strategy to make effective utilisation of your resources and improve your productivity and increase profitability.

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