Web Application Development Services

Your online business is our business!

XSai has created robust custom web applications as per specific requirements using the latest Microsoft web technologies and development philosophies. We specialize in design, development and delivery of Web Solutions at enterprise level using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET and MVC 5 design patterns. Why ASP.NET? Let us take you on a quick tour of what benefits ASP.Net brings before you decide.

  • .NET is one of the most popular platforms for web application development. It is reported that ASP.NET + MVC.NET + AJAX.NET occupy significant market space.
  • A variety of different tools and frameworks in .Net - based software gives developers capabilities at various levels of complexity. From creating simple and fast web pages to the development of high-performance enterprise level systems, .Net is a powerful technology.
  • Stable and continued support and upgrades of ASP.NET by Microsoft is one of the important factors in APS.Net popularity.
  • The .Net Core is truly a cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform. The ASP.Net Core, currently at Ver 2.1, supports development of web applications on Windows, Linux, MacOS running .Net Core or .Net Framework. It supports development of Razor Pages, MVC, Web API and Single Page Web Applications on all of the above platforms.

Our expert team is ready to help you with your Web Site Design whether it is static or dynamic. Our consultancy team consists of experienced Architects, Senior Developers and Project Managers who will closely work with your team to understand your business requirements and help you to design, develop, build and successfully deploy the web-based solutions that truly meet your business needs in time and within cost. We are with you all the way in your web development journey.

R&D and Consulting

Our R&D team learns your business needs to help you reduce both technical and market risk across the entire software development lifecycle. We consider and plan to
  • Validate your concept
  • Understand growth needs and ensure scalability
  • Choose the right technology
  • Suggest a cost effective development plan

Front-End Development

We absorb your requirements and build a trusted, visually rich user-product relationship to boost adoption and satisfaction. Our front-end team takes it from there to nail that ultimate user journey in code. We ensure
  • A clean UI matched to design
  • A consistent UX across the entire application
  • Animations and effects that enhance user experience

Back-End Development

The core of your web development journey begins here and we make sure our design and coding meet your availability, robustness, and features requirements – both stated and unstated. Again we make sure you have
  • A robust architecture to accommodate future growth and scale
  • Flexibility to integrate with other systems and third-party services
  • Security features to protect business and customer data and privacy.

Manual and Automated QA

For us quality is not an afterthought. We involve our QA team right from the beginning so that features rolled out are robust and the software runs consistently across all browsers and screens sizes. We ensure
  • Strong verification and validations processes
  • Comprehensive testing, so no late surprises
  • Reduce the customer feedback loop
  • Quickly improve the product
XSai has a strong .NET development team of experts, proficient in Microsoft technology. We can deliver highly functional web applications of varying complexity in a fast and cost-effective way – get in touch with us today ! Do not take our word, we have featured a few roll outs you may like to look at.

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