Testing Services

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XSai offers full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications. Our experienced testing team provides a range of testing services - from testing strategy to successful test executions - for ensuring even the most stringent quality standards are successfully met.

Today’s software products exist in a dynamic environment – the underlying software platforms evolve, UI / UX guidelines change, cloud-based storages, connectivity infrastructure and reliability vary across geography. The changing eco-system needs rapid response from software product vendors.

Why XSai Testing Services?

Our Testing Services are built on strong understanding of technologies and domain expertise.

  • Effective Testing methodologies that assures our customers have reliable and predictable deployment and release ready products.
  • A ‘quality ownership’ mindset along with strong domain knowledge and strong skills in testing tools help us in delivery excellence.

We use a well-defined proven software testing life cycle that typically comprises of:

  • Comprehensive Test Planning
  • Selecting the right software tools
  • Setting up environment and the test data
  • Executing tests
  • Transferring Testing Deliverables
  • Reviewing test results

Our test planning typically provides in-depth test coverage depending upon product architecture and requirements.

  • Functional Testing

    This is kind of black box testing to confirm the functionality of an application or system as per pre-defined functional specification. Functional testing approaches software from the end user’s point of view. This is one of the must-do testing and typically covers 95% of product quality requirements and expectations. Our testing team carries out functional test execution using extensive test cases and checklists followed by analysis of the test output.

  • Usability Testing

    is is a type of testing done from an end-user’s perspective to determine software’s ease of use. That is whether the software enables business functions to be executed as easily and intuitively as possible in a given end user role.

  • Cross-Platform Testing

    Cross-platform testing is performed to test the behavior of a software product in different supported environments - such as across multiple browsers and their versions, Operating System versions, screen sizes, screen resolutions, orientations and so on. This is an important testing for browser based and mobile products.

    Our experienced team ensures that the product meets the GUI standards expected of a top performing software product.

  • Integration Testing

    Integration testing is carried out to test the modules / components that make up a project work as expected. By locating these issues early on, efficient integration testing can enable clients to save time and cost on projects of various sizes and complexities.

    At XSai we have the expertise to examine interfaces and data flow between components, track down functional and performance defects early on and respond to them before they impact time and cost.

  • End-to-End Test

    This testing helps to determine various dependencies of an application and ensuring that data is accurately communicated between various system components - interfaces, databases, network, external systems and so on. This testing generally follows functional testing.

  • Load and Performance Testing

    The primary goal of performance testing includes establishing the benchmark behavior of the system. The benchmarks are set in terms of attributes like speed, response time, throughput, resource usage, stability and tested under standard test conditions. These tests determine the product usability and stability under various stress conditions.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression testing is performed to ensure any new changes such as bug fixes, enhancements do not introduce new defects in the product. Typically, this testing is performed on new product releases, even if they are minor ones. Regression testing lends itself very well to automated testing. Our significant experience in automated test tools can ensure your new releases remain robust and reliable as before.

Our experts can help you during all stages of testing your software product in a transparent and pro-active way. Effective and prompt communication can go a long way in improving quality in activity such as testing. Our testing teams provide detailed and regular bug reports to help your development teams address them faster. We follow robust and proven testing processes that provide a transparent view in to our activities through regular updates and meetings with stake holders.

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