Business Intelligence and Data warehousing Solutions

Look Deeper. Know where to Focus.

The massive expansion of online businesses and the nature of business – where businesses run 24x7x365 and shoppers come from all over a geography such as a country - is creating a problem of a sort. How do you organize the ever-growing data and make sense out of it?

Let us see what a business may want out of this data.

  • Get a high-level view of how business is doing across geographical regions, which region is contributing more and which one is not.
  • What sort of product space is doing better, again what kind of spread - such as price range, technology.
  • Know seasonal variations, if any, in the sales and manage inventory accordingly
  • At a lower level, local / regional managers need more specific data such as brands that are selling faster, stores that are not doing too well or stores failing on customer feedback.

Organizations around the world are grappling with these issues and are looking at this voluminous data to provide an answer to these and many more questions.

Apparently, this calls for a new strategy for organizing and interpreting the data and making it available across range of hierarchies in the business - from CEO to Store Manager – in a manner as simple as possible. And Big Data is the term used to refer to this humongous volume of data that cannot be processed effectively in a traditional way. Big Data is something that can be used to gain insights that lead to better decisions, operational efficiency and strategic business moves.

And the process starts with aggregation of raw data or Data Warehousing. Analytical systems use this data for meaningful inferences. And this is where we step in and here is how we can help you.

XSai Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services:


From ideation to implementation, you can count on Xsai’s experience and skills to help you understand how Big Data / DW and BI will benefit you, your investment, ROI, training, rollout plan and more.

Data Integration & Migration Services

This is the core of your DW and BI Plan. Data Integration moves data from disparate sources into a single data system – now your ‘single point of truth’. XSai can help its clients design and build enterprise level OLAP Data Warehouses and Departmental Data Marts with industry standard Data Modelling and ETL practices. Our expert ETL development team can work with multiple data sources such as ERP, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server or any Legacy Application.

XSai has successfully executed many engagements across industry verticals such as Finances, Retail and Construction.

Data Visualisation

We deploy industry standard tools to discover business trends through multi-dimensional data analyses and present Reports, Dashboards and Drill Down Reports as your business demands. Our teams use IBM Cognos, Business Objects, TERADATA, Microsoft BI tools - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

BI/DW Support Services

XSai provides support and maintenance service to help clients make most of their BI / DW investments. Whether it is maintenance of the business MIS, a new statutory or management reporting we stand by you. Our strong processes help us deliver reliable and timely services as per service agreements.

Our business intelligence solutions have enabled organizations to:

  • Implement the right BI tools
  • Get actionable insights accessible to the end users
  • Adapt data visualization techniques

We have the capability to assess your needs for analytical insight - whether descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive - in a cost-effective and sustainable architecture based on industry standard platforms.

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